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[Review] “Fly So High” by U-Cube (4minute, B2ST, & G.NA)

In Korea, Cube Entertainment isn’t partial of the ‘Big Three’ party companies – JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment – but they certain are giving the trifecta a run for their income this year.

Since their pregnancy behind in 2008, Cube have unequivocally come to file their bargain with what works and what doesn’t in the K-Pop industry, as good as what sounds good for their artists. B2ST in particular, who grew into this flattering extraordinary boy-band in a matter of months, plowed by to the front of the container with their 2011 release, ‘Fiction Fact‘. And with outrageous fandoms for 4minute and G.NA, it’s no warn that Cube Entertainment decided that now is the right time to horde their first concert as a family (appropriately patrician ‘United Cube Concert‘) to be hold on Aug 14th during Seoul Jamsil Stadium.

Here’s a small teaser!

And to hang the whole thought in a poetic small bow, 4minute, B2ST, and G.NA – differently famous as U-Cube – have released a collaborative song patrician “Fly So High“.

This song doesn’t indispensably support to a sold group’s style; it’s some-more of usually an anthemic cocktail song. But it does support to the de facto energy vocalists found within Cube Entertainment.

While everybody got a line here and there, vocalists like G.NA and Yoseob unequivocally brought this song home for the group. The chain of their heavy-hitting voices felt effortless, and combined that additional ‘oomph’ to boost this already fortifying song to a aloft turn of power, while still permitting those singers with reduction outspoken strength to sound usually as compelling.

Songs like these are unequivocally geared towards reaching the widest assembly probable by a universally-acceptable turn of ‘pop’. Sidestepping the dangerous pitfalls of being ‘cheesy’, “Fly So High” is a appreciative lane that absolutely accomodates everybody on board. From the strongest singers to the weakest, from the rappers to everybody in between, we get a small bit of everything, all underneath 5 minutes. It’s an auditory smorgasboard that will prove everybody who listens to it.

A reward lies in the participation of harmonies, that the producers unequivocally couldn’t equivocate given the volume of artists singing in the track. Ultimately, the multiple of masculine and womanlike singers combined a clarity of lightness, nonetheless also a grade of depth.


“Fly So High” is the token anthem that each association should have, and as distant as Cube is concerned, they did each singer probity by gripping the prolongation purify and sharp. The song isn’t groundbreaking, and it went usually a poke overboard with all the adlibs, but it’s still a nice, well-produced, and well-executed cocktail tune.

Overall Rating: 4.0/5

What are your thoughts on U-Cube’s collaborative song?

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