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Yang YoSeob

Yang Yo Seob is a Korean pop singer. He is a member of the group BEAST. He is the main vocalist of BEAST. Noted to be the “cute” member of BEAST, his various hairstyles have received much attention, being compared to that of a Fairy Pitta and a Shih Tzu among other things. Yoseop was a former JYP Entertainment trainee. He moved agencies, to M Boat Entertainment (a former sister company of YG Entertainment) then to Cube Entertainment. He was also known for his self-created videos and parodies. He was a backup dancer for AJ’s music video “Wiping the Tears” and “Dancing Shoes”.

Along with fellow BEAST member Yong Junhyung, MC Lee Hyukjae, Moon Hee Jun (formerly of H.O.T.) and Kim Sook, Yoseop welcomed Japanese tourists for “Visit Seoul 2010″ campaign, where Korean celebrities and Japanese tourists explored Seoul in MBC’s Star Guide Doshiraku to raise awareness of Seoul’s famous areas as well as its delicious cuisine. On July 16, 2010, Yoseop participated in the More Charming by the Day official soundtrack in promotion for the film with the song “Happy Birthday”. On November 29, 2010 , Yoseop will be releasing a digital single together with Dalmatian`s Daniel, namely “First Snow and First Kiss”. Starting from when they were trainees, they were coined ‘soulmates0115′. The two had an intimate relationship, prior to their debut, they released a UCC series, “To Pick On Mr. Daniel” which even succeeded to rise up as a hot topic when selected as #1 amongst the weekly TOP 5 UCC’s by a sports newspaper.

Other Information

  • Name: Yang Yo Seob (양요섭)
  • Nickname: Yang mini cooperzu, Yang Yo, shikshin (God of Food), endorphin
  • Birthdate: January 5, 1990
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 174cm
  • Weight: 56kg
  • Skills: Beatbox
  • Hobbies: Writing lyrics
  • Education: University of East Broadcasting Arts

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  1. choon hi says:

    yoseob saranghae.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
    i love you very much….

  2. AIMIE FAISAL says:


    1. AIMIE FAISAL says:


  3. AIMIE FAISAL says:


  4. pamela says:

    i love Yang Yo…very cute and nice kid! had a very good voice… keep up the good work!!! beast fighting! ^_^

  5. fatin izzati says:

    I very like YOSOEB he so cute I love him she only for me….^_^ saranghae YOSEOB

  6. maryabigail virtudazo says:

    i really love you yoseob .!!!!!!!! saranghae oppa

  7. khongorzul says:

    love you w.f.w you cool saranhaeyo

  8. kim hyun ah says:

    너 진짜 사랑해

  9. owen says:


  10. Siti atiqah says:

    i love yang yo soeb, hope to see him :)

  11. 알렉시스 사랑 Yoseb 영원히 says:

    하이! 난 네게 너무나 Yoseob 사랑! 당신의 진짜 귀엽다! 난 당신의 최고의 원인이 B2ST에 기뻐!

  12. ABOLI says:


  13. Lily & Choco says:

    Dear Yoseop,


    We r two sisters & We hv watched ur perfomances through KBS chanel .
    u r sooooo cute & hv a warm voice.thank u for ur nice songs.We wish u a prosperous career & hope to meet u someday.

    ur ever fans from Iran, Tabriz

    FIGHTING! :)

    P.s pls write back us in ur freetime ;)

  14. Lily & Choco says:

    dear Yoseop,


    We r 2sisters & we hv watched ur performances through KBS chancel.

    u r sooooooo cute & hv a warm voice.Thank u for ur nice songs.

    We wish u a prosperous career & hope to meet u someday.

    ur ever fans from Iran, Tabriz.

    FIGHTING ! :)

    p.s plsease write back us in yur free time. ;)

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